Good Design. Positive Change.
Wheelhouse Collective

Our Story

We are a social impact design studio creating equitable and powerful solutions for brands and people through collaboration and mutual respect.

We partner and collaborate with innovative organizations, telling their unique stories that transform ideas into actions. We create real-life experiences that are unexpected, encourage connection, and improve understanding.

This hands-on approach allows us to focus on creating meaningful brand experiences for the community to see, think about and react to. We design with you, not just for you. 

What we believe

As avid thinkers, problem solvers and storytellers, we’re driven by the symbiotic relationship between strategy and design. This helps us create compelling narratives with impactful solutions that connect with audiences on a deep, human level.

We understand that a strong brand foundation is a key component to any organization’s success. It’s all about uncovering who you are at your core, what your values are and why they matter. Then we hone in on those unique qualities driving sustainable change both inside and outside your organization.




What we do

We work across multiple disciplines and technologies to advance communities and businesses alike.

– research
– strategy and positioning
– brand development
– logo design

– copywriting
– print collateral
– marketing
– web design & development

– environmental design
– social media
– strategy/media planning
– public relations

Teamwork Matters

At Wheelhouse, we build just the right team of extraordinary creative talent for every project. We co-create compelling brand experiences that reside in the hearts and minds of your audience and achieve your business goals, both online and off.

The very best design doesn’t bring something new to your brand; it uncovers something true.

Cathy Solarana
principal & lead designer

Cathy Solarana is the founding principal and lead designer at Wheelhouse Collective. She guides a team of multi-disciplinary creatives, is energized by design and loves to problem solve, along side innovative and visionary organizations. Cathy believes that the creative process and should be as enticing as the outcome. She understands a critical part of her job is to listen first, then co-create with her clients as we work through their brand challenges.

Cathy is currently serving as the diversity and inclusion director for AIGA Nebraska and with more than 20 years of experience in branding and design, Solarana’s work has been recognized nationally by The One Show, The Art Directors Club, Graphis, the Print Regional Design Annual, Logo Lounge and HOW International Design Annual, among others. She’s lead numerous branding workshops, including a sold out “Brand Therapy” at the 2015 AIGA National Design conference in New Orleans.


Our Creative Collaborators

Our people are some of the best in their respective fields—they love what they do and it shows. We’re ready to learn and collaborate, dive in with vigor and create with passion and purpose.

Neveen Hegab
writer & communication strategist

Bryant Holmes
project management


Brian Wetjen
web strategy & development

Dan Svoboda
designer & developer

Justin Kemerling
designer & illustrator

Diane Krajicek
brand strategist & research


David Burn
writer & content strategist


Wendy Biernbaum
front-end web developer

Cheryl Dyer
lettering & calligraphy

Maya Solarana
social media intern

Our Clients

We are fortunate to work with some incredibly visionary organizations who are tackling the many challenges of our time. Here is a list both past and present.