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Brand Therapy

A workshop that helps creative types navigate client challenges and build more bountiful relationships.

Next session: 2019
Almost every relationship – whether between creative teams, agency or studio departments, or agencies and clients – begins with the best of intentions. But over time, a certain sense of routine often sets in along with its evil twin, assumption. Left unchecked, the work suffers and relationships fracture. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Brand Therapy will help you
• Open (or reopen) clearer lines of communication with your clients
• Establish your agency as a true partner and not a vendor
• Gain your clients’ complete trust
• Get feedback and buy-in faster
• Instill more spirit in your team

How Brand Therapy works
A Brand Therapy workshop takes place over four sessions. Typically, we do these in the form of a webinar as most people find the online route more convenient. If you’re interested in an on-site session, please contact Cathy.

Session 1 – Setting the Groundwork for Success

In this first session, we’ll discuss what it takes to set a project in motion that will keep moving all the way to the finish line. Topics include:

• Setting expectations with clients
• Securing buy-in on a project from the higher ups
• Defining scope and managing timelines
• Sharing your firm’s process and feedback

Session 2 – How to Turn Clients into Captivated Audiences

Your clients are typically tasked with overseeing several (or all) of their company’s marketing functions, while you aren’t. So, how do you get their attention when it’s truly needed? We have a session for that:

• Positioning your company in engaging, memorable ways
• Commanding presentation techniques
• What to include in presentations for maximum impact
• How to sustain relationship-building communication

Session 3 – Achieving Buy-In for Your Amazing Work

Ask many creatives what they’re best work is and they’ll tell you it’s on their hard drive. Why? Because they couldn’t convince the decision makers to go with their approach. Let’s change that:

• Using psychology (ethically) to get creative buy-in
• Determining the ideal number of creative concepts to present
• Reading the audience and adjusting your presentation accordingly
• How to get back on track when a presentation dives into the weeds
• Developing a backup-plan while maintaining great work

Session 4 – Tenderizing Tough Personalities

Clients are people, too. Even the best ones aren’t perfect. (But then, neither are we.) In Session 4 we’ll cover:

• Educating clients who don’t come from a creative background
• Preventing excessive iterations
• How to get a good brief with solid objectives
• Helping clients organize their content before passing it on to you
• Guiding clients on how to objectively assess creative

Registration for our next Brand Therapy Workshop will open soon.  

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about onsite or company-exclusive workshops, please email Cathy.