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Tarot cards were the inspiration for AIGA Nebraska’s annual design competition.


The Show Goddess enlightens creative spirits.

A meeting of the minds was revealed in these mystical tarot cards which served as the call-for-entries and  influenced event branding for AIGA Nebraska’s annual design competition, The SHOW 14.


Every year AIGA Nebraska’s The SHOW honors excellence in design. The SHOW‘s goal is to entice Nebraska creatives to show off their best work from the past year and to encourage increased AIGA participation from both students and professionals in the area.


Tarot cards were created with clever copywriting and custom woodcut prints, representing every entry category. Each set of cards came in a hand-stamped cloth bag, along with information to guide the participant through the entry process. With the added support materials: website, postcard, poster and t-shirts, we increased the number of entries by 35% and inspired Nebraska creatives to enter their best work.


design, illustration, copywriting


Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana
Co-Designer: Jill Rizzo
Copywriting: Neveen Hegab
Illustration: Wanda Ewing