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Blue Planet Natural Grillers

Packaging that brings great tasting, all-natural vegan burgers to your home.


Health food that stands out from the bland.

Blue Planet Natural Grill wanted to bring their restaurant’s founding belief that “healthy food must also be great tasting food” to a larger audience. So they decided to package three of their most popular restaurant items for sale in grocery stores. The goal was to provide customers with a delicious product that they could conveniently prepare at home—and to make their menu items available to more health conscious customers in the region.


Blue Planet called us back to help them develop a line of packaging for their popular vegan burgers.


We created a line of packaging that expanded on the branding we had already done for the restaurant. The photography captured every delicious detail of the burgers and an expanded color palette and graphic elements were used to differentiate between the varieties. The beautiful packaging makes their full-flavored product stand out among its bland competition.


logo, packaging, photography


Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana
Photography: Bill Sitzman