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Wheelhouse Collective

Creighton University—Lied Art Gallery

A new logo elevates the reputation of a university art gallery.


A logo inspired by brick and mortar.

The Lied Art Gallery has a long history of contemporary art exhibitions displaying the work of local artists and Creighton University’s Visual Arts faculty and students. Their mission is to promote the role of the arts in shaping our society.


The Lied Art Gallery wanted to expand their reach to audiences outside their current academic connections. The goal was to bring in the work of local, regional, and national artists and attract more of the general public. They wanted to be seen as a resource not only for Creighton, but for the entire community. Lied needed a professional identity that would compete and stand out among the many other galleries in the area.


We set out to create a distinct mark that set the gallery apart but didn’t overshadow and compete with the art itself. We found inspiration for the logo in the building where the gallery resides. The building’s roofline, materials and colors all helped to define the Lied Art Gallery as progressive, modern and vibrant. The Lied Art Gallery now has an identity to promote an inspiring place to experience new ideas.




Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana