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Modern Flipbooks

A dynamic brand that expresses an artists joy of flipbooks.

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An unconventional artist reimagines flipbooks.

Scott Blake is the kind of artist who doesn’t necessarily create a traditional style of art, but experiences that are accessible to everyone.


Scott had been making flipbooks for years but wanted to reach more people, so he contacted Wheelhouse to help him do just that. He needed an identity and brand that expressed his joy of flipbooks to existing customers and introduce this engaging medium to curious enthusiasts. Increased visibility and brand recognition were the goal.


Scott’s energy was infectious, Wheelhouse couldn’t wait to jump in. Working closely with him through the naming process, our focus was on taking a centuries-old craft and bringing it into today — Modern Flipbooks was born.

Having an artist as a client, you never run out of visual inspiration. Scott’s love of contrast, guided us to develop a strong and vibrant color palette. Then we incorporated geometric shapes, playfully into the logo and subsequent components to connect the brand back to the act of folding paper and flipping pages.

To establish brand consistency and help Scott organize all the different flipbooks and their covers, we created a design system with templates. This built in flexibility of color, typography and image, makes it possible for each flipbook to function on its own, in addition to working together in a group. The binding could be set up to be any color in the palette and the flipbook covers could use type only or add in illustration or photography, giving Scott options was vital.

Next came the packaging. It needed to stand out when placed on a table at an event, to be portable, and to truly highlight the Modern Flipbooks brand. It was also created to change colors and to reflect the palette of the books it was housing. The back insert allowed for changes in pricing and other updates to be made without having to redo the entire piece, thus making it more economical. The last element in phase one was a portable banner so no matter what the event – a show, festival, or speaking gig – Modern Flipbooks would be uniquely and professionally represented.


This vibrant, playful, graphic brand created for Modern Flipbooks, celebrates Scott’s passion for this 100-year-old art form, his bold and unconventional nature, and his belief that flipbooks are intrinsically magical experiences for everyone.

We loved every minute of working with such a talented and nonconforming artist and immersing ourselves in all things color, shape, paper, folding, and most of all, flipbooks. We encourage everyone to search out Modern Flipbooks and experience for yourselves, how the medium springs to life when a book is flipped open to reveal the incredible stories and action inside.


brand strategy, logo design, identity design, copywriting, environmental design, book cover design, packaging, social media


Strategy, Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana
Strategy & Copywriting: Neveen Hegab