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Union Pacific—Heritage Fleet Brochure and Dossier

A keepsake to remind guests of their special historical ride.


A keepsake that is as precious as the trip they took.

Union Pacific wanted to share their story and celebrate the fully restored Historic Passenger Fleet with its guests.


Riding on the restored Passenger Fleet was a special honor that wasn’t offered to just anyone. We were asked to create a keepsake that could be given to riders after their trip to serve as a reminder of the experience.


We created a dossier kit—something each rider could take with them after it was over. A series of booklets were developed to tell the story of Union Pacific. This included a complete history of the company, a visual timeline, a logbook with mile marker information specific to each route, an itinerary and a menu. All were housed in a paper dossier and hand stamped with the trip name and date. All of these pieces were crafted to honor the brand and the proud history of Union Pacific.


design, writing, illustration


Creative Direction: Marty Amsler
Design: Cathy Solarana
Copywriting: Jim Watson
Illustrations: Joe McDermott and Nate Voss

Project done by Wheelhouse founder while at Bailey Lauerman