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Union Pacific—Uniting the States of America

A poster created to celebrate the ties between President Lincoln and Union Pacific.


Promoting a Lincoln bicentennial exhibition.

“On July 1, 1862, after decades of debate and disagreement on the matter, Lincoln brought the transcontinental railroad to life with a stroke of his pen. And with that same stroke, he created Union Pacific.” On the 200th anniversary of the president’s birth, Union Pacific collaborated with the Library of Congress to sponsor a traveling exhibit, “With Malice Toward None: Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition.”


President Lincoln sought to connect and secure the nation. Through building the transcontinental railroad, he did just that. On the anniversary of his birth, Union Pacific wanted an impactful way to reflect the president’s insightful dream that became the countries reality. The traveling exhibit they created showcased artifacts from Lincoln’s life and administration. It started in Washington D.C. and concluded 2 years later in Omaha, Nebraska at the Durham Museum.


It was an honor to design a commemorative poster celebrating the life of President Lincoln and Union Pacific with the Library of Congress. We told the story of how Union Pacific began with the signing of the Pacific Railway Act in 1862 and how the transcontinental railroad transformed the country.

Using the brilliant watercolor skills of artist, Milé Murtanovski, we represented the complicated transformation of the United States, with the multi-dimensional watercolor techniques to capture key moments of the historical relationship. One of the ways we demonstrated this concept was to have the train tracks develop from the shadow of President Lincoln.

On the back of the poster, we recreated the famous historical scene at Promontory Summit, Utah on May 10, 1869, celebrating the final rail spike being driven in. The transcontinental railroad was finally completed and a dream realized.


poster design


Creative Director: Marty Amsler
Design: Cathy Solarana
Copywriting: Rainbow Rowell
Illustration: Milé Murtanovski

Project done by Wheelhouse founder while at Bailey Lauerman